Xcluslay Royal Ring - xcluslay
Xcluslay Royal Ring - xcluslay
Xcluslay Royal Ring - xcluslay
Xcluslay Royal Ring - xcluslay
Xcluslay Royal Ring - xcluslay
Xcluslay Royal Ring - xcluslay

Xcluslay Royal Ring

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Innovatively formulated, Aesthetically Crafted, Affordably Priced.

We are a premium brand on a mission, to make you see the difference before you decide to get a brilliant gemstone. Xcluslay Sparkling Stone is designed exactly to fulfill your need at less than 0.5% of the cost of actual diamonds. This beauty is cut and crafted using state-of-the-art technology to look and feel even better at less the US$50,000+ price tag of a 2-carat diamond.

Viewed Unaided, Diamond Looks Exactly Like Xcluslay™

Our mission is simple – to make premium quality jewel stones affordable and accessible to every jewelry lover anywhere in the world. The world’s populace deserves to know better about the diamond monopoly so they’re better positioned to make their own choices without manipulation and external influences.

Product Details

  • Color: Perfect White (D or E)
  • Ring Size: 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 (refer the size chart below)
  • Durability : 8.8 (Extremely durable)
  • Brilliance : Refractive index 2.39
  • Cut Grades : Ideal cut
  • Ring Material : Platinum-Plated Silver

Unmatched Luxury on a Friendly Budget

Owning high-quality jewelry shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg regardless of how much your love for your partner or yourself is. At Xcluslay, we have made it possible to own conflict-free, superbly jewelry stones without encouraging instability somewhere in the world as diamond mining does.

You can join this revolution by picking your jewelry on your terms and own a finely-cut stone that matches diamond in every visible facet without the heavy price tag.

Designed to Be the Difference

While everyone else and their cousins aim to own diamonds and other jewelry, the Xcluslay Stone is lab-created to be the difference, the ideal lab-made gemstone to go for.

It’s perfection on cut, clarity, color, and shape make it visually the same as diamonds, it is close to impossible to differentiate between Xcluslay Stone and a diamond.

Stand Out and Be Unique

If standing out from social programming and conformity is your thing, you will find the Xcluslay ring to be a perfect choice. With the Xcluslay, you can own jewelry on your own terms and stand out from the teeming, disillusioned crowd.

Looks like Diamond, right? Well, this is really Xcluslay Stone.

While this stunning piece of fine stone might look like a diamond, it really isn’t too, it’s Xcluslay. You can’t visually tell the difference even if you tried. As it stands, there is absolutely no reason to spend a ton of cash on something as common as a diamond, the Xcluslay Royal Ring is obviously a better choice.

Why Choose The Xcluslay Royal Ring?

Xcluslay is an ideal jewelry brand dedicated to individuals who have chosen to live on their own terms and not follow the status quo. Xcluslay Royal ring has exactly the same striking, visual appeal as any diamond out there in the market without costing you a fortune to own one. At 0.5% of the cost of regular diamonds, which typically cost thousands of dollars, We save you this cost without detracting from the fact that you own high-quality stone when you get one.

Xcluslay is ethically-grown and has zero affiliations with the conflicted history that comes with owning diamonds which are often ‘blood diamonds’. In addition, Xcluslay is an environmental-friendly jewel brand as no earth-damaging mining activities were ever deployed to formulate these stunningly, brilliant stones!