luxe Bracelet Bundle - xcluslay
luxe Bracelet Bundle - xcluslay

luxe Bracelet Bundle

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Bundle includes ;


  1.  Lucky Leaf Bracelet  (1 piece)
  2. Symmetric Diamond Bracelets  (1 piece)
  3. Protective Circle Bracelets (1 piece)
  4. Simple Knot Bracelet  (1 piece)



1.Lucky Leaf Bracelet

Carry some luck on your side with this lucky clover bracelet. Fashioned from four tiny puffed hearts, each encapsulated by our signature beaded wire. Delicate, whimsical and definitely lucky!

2.Symmetric Diamond Bracelets

Simple and feminine, our symmetric diamond bracelets are a true classic. A diamond , represents compassion and understanding. Often known as the seat of emotions, our delicate hearts will spark passion and enthusiasm in all your adventures.

3.Protective Circle Bracelets

Symbolizing unity and togetherness, our Protective Circle pieces are inspired by the deep relationships we create in our lives. They celebrate the people you know you can always turn to - your protective circle. A beautiful representation of strength and trust, you can wear these pieces to feel safe and secure.

4. Simple Knot Bracelet

We include the classic Simple Knot Bracelet to enhance the unique Simplicity of this bundle.



  • Keep out of extreme heat
  • Keep away from salt water and sun-cream 


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