Q: How do I check the status of my order?

A: Upon placing your order, please allow up to 5 business days to have your order processed. Our fulfillment warehouses pack your ordered item(s) and ship the package(s) out as soon as possible. If you do not receive your tracking number within 5 business days, simply email us at xcluslay@gmail.com and we will have it sent to you. If you did not receive any updates on your order within the first 5 business days, please contact us immediately and we will do all we can to investigate.

Q: I ordered two products, but have received only one... what's happening?

A: Since we have a large assortment of products that are not stored in the same warehouse, it is possible that some products get shipped separately. Do not worry, it is quite normal that you receive a product a few days before the other.

Q: How does shipping work?

A: Xcluslay partners with global merchants and artisans in order to provide you the best prices and the highest quality products. This means that your order is sometimes shipped from areas such as China, India, Thailand, Spain etc., as well as the United States, which is where we are based. 

Because we ship directly from our partners in these countries, domestic orders may take 3-5 weeks to arrive. For international orders, please allow up to 4-5 weeks. Please don't panic if it does not arrive instantly, it's on its way! :)  

Q: Do you ship Internationally?

A: Yes! We ship worldwide to ensure that every customer will enjoy his or her shopping experience with us.

Q: Is your website secure with my personal information?

A: Absolutely! We use SSL security to ensure all your personal information is encrypted. We do not store your credit card information and it will be used one-time only upon purchasing of your product. Then your credit card information will be purged.

Q: How do I order on your website?

A: Simply find the product you'd want and click the 'Add To Cart' button. Fill in your shipping and billing information and we'll have your order shipped to you as soon as possible!


Ambassador Program FAQ 


Q:How can I be an Ambassador?

A: Click here to get started 


Q: How can I get the ambassador link ?

A: once you place an order we will immediately send you an email with the ambassador link.


Q: How will this link work?

A: If someone click the link that we have given to you and bought an item which is  $15 and up you will receive a commission from that purchase. 

Q: How can I get my commissions ?

A: And the end of each month we will send them to your paypal account.


Automated fraud prevention mechanisms for referral detection

There are a few fraud prevention mechanisms that xcluslay has built into its referral detection system. They are outlined below: 


1. Existing customers are not eligible to be referred by other advocates
Xcluslay distinguishes between a first time customer and a repeat customer. Only first time customers can be referred. Repeat customers will not be considered referrals. For example, John refers Mary. Our system detects this and John gets the reward. Subsequently, another customer, Tim sends his referral link to Mary and Mary makes a purchase through that referral link. The app detects this, but does not consider this a referral as Mary is already an existing customer. 

2. Checks to see if the advocate is trying to refer him/herself 
If it is detected that the advocate is trying to refer him/herself, we will not award the referral to the advocate. This is determined based on information obtained from the referred friend's invoice (such as first name, last name and email address).


Have more questions ? Please contact our friendly team via Instagram. Username - @xcluslay